Branding and UX

A Great Brand…

Is a Recipe for Long-Term Success

Attracts an Audience

Tells a Story

Creates an Emotional Attachment

Forges a Sense of Loyalty

If You’re Not a Great Brand,
You’re Just Another Company

Branding is a tricky component of marketing, well at least it used to be before the digital age. The digital revolution has already changed branding forever. Many traditional branding components have been swept under the rug and have been replaced (for the most part) by new concepts that revolve around inbound marketing methodology.

Powerful branding methods and strategies that are needed to be successful in this day in age include UX design, connecting with customers through entertaining content, and guiding them through each digital touch-point. All of these methods put things like “crafting a perfect mission statement” and “building a strong brand portfolio” to shame.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Jeff Bezos

CEO & Founder, Amazon

What Are
“Branding Services”?


Brand Strategy & Architecture

Brand Logo, Identity, and Positioning

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Customer Experience Strategy & Plan

UX Wireframe Flow Chart

UX Visual Design Mock-Ups

Customer Journey Visualization

Experience Mapping

The Black Raven Media Way

The First Step:

Develop the Brand Architecture

The Second Step:

Create a Customer Experience Map

The Third Step:

Develop the Brand Architecture

The Fourth Step:

User Experience (UX) Design

The Fifth Step:

Launch the Re-branding/Brand Awareness Campaign

The Last Step:

Monitor Key Performance Indicators. Maximize Brand Expansion Through App Development, Usability Testing & A/B Split Testing, and UX/UI Optimization

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