If you’re like most home builders, you’ve probably incorporated email marketing into your campaign strategy. If you haven’t, you should! Although email campaigns take a significant amount of time and creativity to implement, the payoff is worth the effort. Today’s technology has made running a successful email marketing campaign easier. The days of “spam” newsletters chock full of useless information have evolved into mobile-friendly, personalized information and to-the-point multimedia, keeping subscribers interested. Need proof? Consider the following statistics to help you build and maintain a successful email marketing campaign for years to come! 

Smartphones are the New PC

According to Google, mobile users check their email THREE TIMES MORE often than desktop users.  Here are a few other interesting stats that will show you why making your email marketing material mobile-friendly is crucial to the success of your campaign. 


Emails that display with flaws will be deleted within 3 seconds.  

Over 80% of consumers regularly check their emails on their smartphones. 

68% of millennials make decisions based on an email.

The most common complaint about mobile emails is about the poor format. Even if your newsletter or message contains fantastic, useful information directly related to the recipient’s needs, it will likely be deleted if it displays incorrectly on their mobile phone. Not only will 7 out of 10 people delete your email, but 15% are likely to unsubscribe to your campaign.  Users define poor formatting as misplaced images, oversized images, not enough headings or breaks in the text, and numerous columns (think about viewing as a desktop site). 

With that being said, how can you maximize the viewability of your email campaign?

Designing a Champion Format

  • Make sure your newsletter template is mobile-friendly. 
  • Use images to break up the content. Images need alt-tags and page-proportionate sizing.
  • Clickable images are a bonus. 
  • Keep headings short and sweet. Most readers scroll through email newsletters, first looking at pictures, then headings – before they ever read any text! 

Increasing Your Open Rate

52% of customers are less likely to interact with a business after a substandard mobile experience.  

One major goal of creating an email marketing campaign is to get your subscribers to open, read, engage, and ultimately make a purchase. While email marketing campaigns have an average open rate of about 20%, they’re a classic case of quality over quantity. What’s more, once you’ve captured the attention of a subscriber, they’re more likely to continue opening your emails month after month. 

The best way to increase your open rate, besides having the correct formatting down, is to keep it fresh. And we mean every single part of your campaign. Create attention-grabbing subject lines and headings, showcase your products and service in concise paragraphs (not long articles – save those for your blog), and incorporate some fun facts about your geographical area, upcoming holiday recipes, or even a “punny” joke. Again, once your email is opened, you want the user to keep coming back! 

How to Find a Great Email Marketing Service

Stop! You already have! At Black Raven Media, we employ polished journalists that captivate your audience while writing through your voice. Our data-driven marketing analysts help you determine the proper campaign metrics and goals while our strategists create and execute a systematic email marketing strategy.