Maintaining your PPC (pay-per-click) ads has changed significantly this month. While physical locations of businesses temporarily close or completely shut down, their online presence requires more attention. Industry experts and IT professionals agree – maintaining your PPC campaign is crucial to the survival of your business now and in the future. Here are three ways to manage your home building or remodeling paid advertising campaign.

Share your story.

In times of economic uncertainty, one thing remains. Consumers love to know the human side of your business. Are you shifting your business model? Are you offering different services? Have your business hours changed? Do your current CTA’s (call to actions) reflect how you’re operating? Pivoting your primary message to include relatable material assures consumers that you are in this with them. Tweak currently running ads to include messages relating to working from home or social distancing. Remind them about the essential services you provide and how you’re implementing new safety policies. Most importantly, acknowledge current events, soften your pitch, and be approachable. 

Review your Budget.

During times of change, re-evaluate your advertising budget vs. spend. Shifting your focus to your products and services that are more relevant in the current climate optimizes your money and gives you a better return on investment (ROI). Determine if daily spending budgets are the best way to maximize your campaign. If not, consider changing your settings to a monthly, or even lifetime, spend. This allows you to run a campaign longer for less, giving you time to focus on tweaking other aspects of your business and thinking of new ways to bring in business during rough times for prospective clients. 

Consider Search Habits.

During the current worldwide pandemic, many of us are practicing social distancing. Instead of walking through model homes and having a face to face consultation with home builders, consumers are doing everything online. Your business should take advantage of this when designing your PPC campaign. Directly communicate situation-specific services by utilizing ad copy and extensions. When researching current search habits, think about the search channels themselves. For example, if you run regular PPC ads on Google and never on Facebook, now may be the time to mix things up. With more consumers working from home, laid off, or recovering at home, Facebook and other social media platforms are in use more than ever before. Likewise, with many companies temporarily closing, pay per click ads on social networking sites have less competition and the opportunity to reach more people. 

Keep in mind, this is not a permanent situation. Things will return to normal. You don’t want to be playing catch up. Now is your opportunity to stay ahead of your competition. 

At Black Raven Media LLC, we offer comprehensive online advertising campaigns including (but not limited to) research, set-up, copy-writing for conversions, placement and measuring the effectiveness of each campaign on various social media platforms.  Whether you are a small business with a tight budget or a Fortune 500 company, we can tailor your PPC campaign based on your budget. Choose Black Raven Media LLC for your PPC campaign. We’ll give your business a boost!