As a remodeler, your expertise lies in creating beautifully updated homes. You have built a team of skilled contractors to help you with a multitude of home improvement projects. This group of industry professionals likely consists of plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. Nothing is left to chance – your staff covers it all. 

As a marketing firm, we know blogs. We know the research that needs to be done, graphic designs to create, and the type of content to share with your potential clientele. The process of creating content is time-consuming, time that a busy home remodeling firm simply doesn’t have. 

But, if you decide to tackle blog writing on your own, consider these 6 blog topics for remodelers. 

Highlight Your Projects

Show past projects through before and after photos, along with a detailed description of the work completed. Don’t be afraid to include small hiccups or problems along the way. Tell how the issue occurred, how you worked with the client to fix it, and what the results were. Not only does this give a visual of your craftsmanship, but it also builds trust with future clients. 

Talk Money

When someone remodels their home, their first thought is, “how much is this going to cost me?”. Laying out the financial aspects involved helps them make informed decisions about their project. Address common concerns, cost-saving ideas, and obtaining financing. If you recommend a particular financial institution, consider asking them to write a blog discussing eligibility, types of loans, and their relationship with your business. 

Seasonal Posts

Seasonal posts allow you to give useful information to homeowners, but you’re also able to push seasonal services. For example, providing a summer maintenance checklist that includes sealing decks drives new deck projects to your company. Consumers appreciate companies that share their knowledge and help them with the long to-do list that comes with homeownership.

Construction Process

We know you’re an expert in the construction and remodeling field. You know the entire process by memory. But for most homeowners, the remodeling process is foreign. Share your timeline on a blog. Include a step-by-step guide that easily shows customers what to expect. While every project is different, the process is similar. Feel free to add tasks that cause delays or helpful tips for homeowners to help keep work on track. 

Common Questions

Writing an article about frequently asked questions benefits you and your clients. It eliminates redundant phone calls or emails to you. And, it provides a sense of security to your customers. Not only will they have the answers they’re looking for at the click of a button, but they can continuously reference the blog throughout the remodeling process. 

About You

Social media, websites, and the internet as a whole provide the perfect platform to display the human side of your company. Write about your team, special events, charity work, and accomplishments. Talk about the culture of the company, history, and values. More than anything, customers want to know you. 

For remodeling marketing questions or more blog topics for remodelers, contact Black Raven Media.