Companies throughout a multitude of industries use geofence advertising to grow sales. Recently, new construction home builders, remodelers, and real estate professionals found the substantial benefits of building geofences. By creating virtual fences around properties, business owners increase online engagement, build brand recognition, and drive sales. Read on to learn how to target homebuyers through geofencing. 

What is Geofence Marketing? 

Geofence marketing is a location-based digital marketing tool that allows marketing professional and business owners to send messages to smartphone users within a specific geographical zone. These zones are created by using a Global Positioning System (GPS) or Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID) to define the preferred virtual boundary. An email, text message, or similar notification pops up on your smartphone. It offers you a coupon, discount, or another call-to-action for that specific store. That is geofencing. That is geofencing. 

How does Geofencing Help Builders?

Geofencing ads find consumers based on their location. It engages them through various types of instant, online marketing, eliciting immediate interaction. Geofence marketing campaigns are done through search engine ads, social media campaigns, and retargeting. Because these are forms of marketing builders already use, geofencing only increases marketing efforts. 

Building industry professionals use geofence advertising in many ways. For instance, a geofence can be installed around a school district. When consumers enter the area, they receive ads showcasing the builder’s homes for sale in that district. Geofences can be installed around builder subdivisions, model home neighborhoods, and cities where land is for sale. 

Another way building pros benefit from geofencing is by invading their competition. A geofence set up around a competitor’s community, delivering marketing material, drives potential clients your way. 

How Does it Work?

Step One: Select an area. Small areas give the best results because they target specific consumers more efficiently. Geofencing allows you to reach relevant consumers by overlapping criteria and creating multiple zones. 

Step Two: Target the areas. Target specific places within the selected boundaries. A construction lender, or a competing builder or remodeler, or a real estate firm are optimal establishments to target. 

Step Three: Realize the plan. Before triggering any notifications, decide on an action. Do you want to send text messages, emails, or push notifications? What will your message be? What call-to-action is there? Once you’ve made these decisions, program the actions through the chosen app. 

Step Four: Utilize remarketing and retargeting. Just as most online purchases aren’t made the first time the user visits a website, most homes aren’t sold after the first visit. Remarketing and retargeting keep your company on the consumer’s radar.

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