By now, you’re already aware that social media is an influential marketing mechanism. You have all the popular sites covered. Your pages include basic profile information.  This includes how to contact you, general business description, and your logo. The one thing you are missing is a plan. Let us walk you through the steps to create effective social media strategies for builders and remodelers.


Cover your Basics (Yes, we said BASICS)

As a home builder or remodeling contractor, you’re always looking for modern ways to cultivate your business. With hundreds of online platforms to post on, it is overwhelming to post on all of them. The good news is you don’t have to. Basic social media strategies for builders are equally as effective as the complex. We recommend setting up a Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter account. Post consistently. If you feel like branching out, do so slowly. Running these pages powerfully is better than taking on too many social media pages and posting sporadically.  

Social Media Strategies for Builders


Showcase Your Accomplishments

Every builder and remodeler has stand-out projects. You’ve worked hard for your client and are proud of the outcome. Social media followers love seeing photos of beautifully completed ventures. Highlight a room or area that stands out; post photos showing the work and the completion. Oftentimes, seeing is believing. That is the ultimate goal: having clients that believe in your craftsmanship. 

Social Media Strategies for Builders

Humanize your Business

This step needs to be a priority. Prospective clients turn to social media to engage with companies and to get an inside look at the people behind the brand. The easiest way to get personal with your audience is to show people. Share photos of satisfied customers, along with their testimonial. Introduce team members and post their accomplishments. Show your employees delving into a new build or enjoying a work outing. This not only puts a face to your company, but it also boosts employee morale.

Social Media Strategies for Builders


Share your Knowledge

Informing and educating your audience is imperative to the success of your social media campaign. You want your followers to trust that you are a dependable authority in your industry. Relationships built on trust result in return customers and word of mouth referrals. Consider posts that advise, caution, and instruct. Examples of these include product information, safety warnings, and how-to videos. Encourage your fans to ask questions and give feedback. Engagement is key to growing your social media reach. 

Highlight your Giving

Do you give back to your community? Is there a charity you support? Are you an event sponsor? Drawing attention to your efforts not only increases awareness of your cause, but it also builds your caring reputation. Inspiring posts generate traffic online and to your door. Creating goodwill in your area ensures an encouraging network of customers with positive messages about your company. 

At Black Raven Media, we create and execute a 12-month social media strategic plan to grow your social media profiles, gain consumer insights, increase brand awareness, and drive leads. Contact us for a free consultation!